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New Office Technology - The PAX-i3D Green

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Dr. Chebanu is pleased to announce the newest technology that has revolutionized the way Cone Beam Technology scans are taken and manufactured by adopting ECO friendly quality control measures. The advanced "green" technology reduces radiation without sacrificing the image quality of the scan or x-ray.

Our patients can be assured that they are receiving ultra low dose radiation while the Doctor is obtaining superb diagnostic images for proper diagnosis. The Pax-i3D Green is the ideal tool for surgical planning, implant placement, TMJ diagnosis, wisdom teeth extractions, and airway management. It is also the only CT Scan approved by the FDA for use in pediatrics (children).

At Dr. Chebanu's office, our patients health and safety is our number one priority! Call the office today at (954)792-6266 to set up an appointment!

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